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Manya Bansal

Secretary General

Greetings Dearest Delegates and Faculty Members,


Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The time is always right to do what is right.”


While COVID-19 pandemic has been a stubborn obstacle in the path of global growth, the world has learned to unite, be it across borders or the internet. We face geo-political and humanitarian crises in various parts of the world, and every problem is an opportunity for mankind to prove its worth. As the nature of headlines worsens everyday, we often find ourselves contemplating how we could change situations for the better if given a chance. SNAMUN’22 is this chance and your platform to put your ideas and solutions forward and ‘be the change’.


It is my absolute pleasure and honour to invite you to the 5th edition of The Lawrence School, Sanawar Model United Nations Conference - 2022, as Secretary General. My elation increases tenfold as I remind myself and tell you that this year we will have the pleasure of hosting our guests on our beautiful and beloved hilltop, unlike the last two years.


Our lives have been like roller coasters these two years, circumstances have been highly unpredictable. But hope is what has kept us going. While the world may sometimes seem like it’ll burn out soon, we must have faith and hope in mankind, that humanity still lives on. We get this hope by knowledge, of not just ourselves and our immediate surroundings, but that of the past and present, so we, the leaders of tomorrow, can make the future better.


“Only humility will lead us to unity, and unity will lead to peace.” - Mother Teresa


And MUNs are the perfect platform for us to practice making the world our own. I hope to see all the delegates of the conference letting go of their prejudices and open their minds to new opinions and ideas that are best for the world as a whole. This is why we strive to promote moral responsibility, sovereignty and sincere unity, by adopting, “Accountability, Integrity and Co-existence”as the theme for our conference. After long deliberation and discussion, we decided to select such thought-provoking agendas in our five committees, that cover a wide range of global issues faced today.


Our school turns 175 years this year; we are sure that the Dodransbicentennial SNAMUN will be a very fruitful conference with your enthusiastic debate, diplomacy and will. I wholeheartedly look forward to making your acquaintance and witnessing the success that SNAMUN’22 will be with your valuable contribution.


Warm regards,

Manya Bansal

Secretary General


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