International Monetary Fund

The IMF was conceived in July 1944 at the United Nations Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire, United States. The 44 countries in attendance sought to build a framework for international economic cooperation and avoid repeating the competitive currency devaluations that contributed to the Great Depression of the 1930s. The IMF's primary mission is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system—the system of exchange rates and international payments that enables countries and their citizens to transact with each other.

In order to maintain stability and prevent crises in the international monetary system, the IMF monitors member country policies as well as national, regional, and global economic and financial developments through a formal system known as surveillance. The IMF provides advice to member countries and promotes policies designed to foster economic stability, reduce vulnerability to economic and financial crises, and raise living standards. 


“Re-assessing the measures for post-pandemic economic recovery with special emphasis on current budget allocation structure”


 The IMF is a General Crisis Committee for which the crisis will be released before the conference. (Crisis Updates are on The counsel of the Executive Board)


Arnav Bharadwaj
Managing Director

Arnav is currently a student at the University of London and works in the leadership of the Centre for Regional Research and Sustainability Studies as the Head of PR and Communications. He has been in the Mun-ing circuit for more than six years now which has made him a pioneer in the field. He has also worked as a business and marketing professional for over four years and worked with organisations like Amnesty International and currently runs a educational platform called Lincent Forum. He is ardent learner and loves sharing knowledge at every opportunity he gets . His skill set is bound to steer the committee in the right direction and he will be chairing the International Monetary Fund committee at SNAMUN’21.

Aishnit Yadav
Research Associate

Aishnit is currently working at Web Development and is leading is leading a team of interns and web developers, and is delighted to be on boards as the Research Associate of International Monetary Funds at SNAMUN’21.

Aishnit is content writer and has interned as a volunteer at project CLAP. He is also a active MUNer and has been both a delegate and executive board member in various MUNs all over India.

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