Mr. Himmat Singh Dhillon



Warm greetings to all worthy delegates and Hon’ble Faculty members from The Lawrence School, Sanawar!


I trust that this finds you and the family in the best of health and circumstances. It is indeed a pleasure to invite our vibrant and knowledgeable youth to grace the 4th edition of The Lawrence School, Sanawar Model United Nations, 2021.


It was most evident that even as the pandemic forced us to abruptly halt our normal lives, the burning issues of the world did not magically resolve themselves, rather, in many cases, they were even exacerbated by the inclement circumstances! From terrorism to human trafficking, from unstable governments and a pitiable lack of healthcare to global poverty; regrettably, the problems of the world continued to grow. The pandemic brought along with it innumerable other challenges for humanity against which we are still fighting a battle and attempting to overcome the challenges before our planet every day.


One way to view such challenges, that are very much a sign of the times that we live in, is to acknowledge the global desperation that is the present. However, another way, and this is the better way, is to urge humanity to come together and stand in solidarity to create a better and kinder world for the coming generations! It is to secure this noble end, that we urge our youth to lead on and galvanise all humanity to unite, look beyond our self-imposed national boundaries and artificial divides and to set aside man-made social differences to collaborate to vanquish the COVID—19 pandemic! Let us single-mindedly come together as one and defeat the scourge that has affected us all. Let us today take a pledge to do our bit for humanity -- our larger family -- for the planet -- our shared home -- and secure our future.


Chanakya had said, “The world’s greatest power is the youth.”

It is this power that this conference seeks to tap into. This conference presents an opportunity to the leaders of tomorrow to deliberate upon world issues. It will allow you, the change makers of tomorrow to sharpen your skills of public speaking, learn the value of diplomacy and contextualize yourselves and the issues that you debate in today’s greater geopolitical landscape. Over the last year, The Lawrence School, Sanawar has been actively striving to make a humble difference to the situation faced by the larger Community that lives around our sylvan campus. Our Old Sanawarian Society pitched in by contributing generously to this effort and we were able to donate dry rations, essential commodities, masks, sanitizers, face shields soap, etc. to those who were below the poverty line as well as to the first responders fighting this pandemic on the frontline. We have volunteered our School Ambulance which has been put at the disposal of the Solan District administration. It is certainly a testament to our credo Never Give In, as well as the great marvel that is human ingenuity that has allowed us to continue to run education online as well as myriad activities such as The Lawrence School, Sanawar Model United Nations technology, even amidst a global pandemic.


The theme of the Conference is, “Non Progredi est Regredi” which is Latin for “To not go forward is to go backward” encompasses the message that this pandemic has taught us — that by halting life, we are pushed back on the road of development. Thus,

    we must never stop moving forward, and this conference is just the platform for you to do that!


It is my great honour and privilege as the Headmaster to invite you to SNAMUN’21 and engage in a series of debates and discussions which will place you on the road to being global leaders.


We are looking forward to hosting your institution virtually in August 2021! Together, let us make a difference to the world that will secure and sustain future generations!


Thank you for your great help and support, as always.

Stay safe! Take care!

Warm regards,

Himmat Singh Dhillon, Headmaster