Cabinet of Mikhail Gorbachev

The cabinet of Mikhail Gorbachev is a hypothetical committee to deliberate upon the dissolution of the USSR. The committee is mainly constituted to explore the feasibility and the possibility for a peaceful and political transfer of power from Moscow to the various states in the Union. The extent of this transfer of power is something the committee would be expected to deliberate upon and more importantly, focus upon the future course of action for the states and the Soviet Union at large. The committee would also be looking at various other political and constitutional aspects of the agenda and would also be encouraged to explore alternatives to the Dissolution proposal itself. The committee provides an excellent opportunity to the delegates to reinvent the Soviet Union or even history itself. 


Freeze Date: February 8, 1990.



“Growing Concerns to The Diminishing Power Of The Soviet With Special Emphasis On The Geo-Political State Of USSR”

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Manas Nair

Manas is currently completing his bachelors degree in business administration from Bennet University and delighted to be chairing the Cabinet of Mikhail Gorbachev committee.

Manas has worked as an intern volunteer at NGOs which helped children in need and help them in developing their various soft skills by virtue of conducting different workshops for them. He is also a great public speaker and has been actively participating in MUNs both as a delegate and as a trainer.

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Ohm Gupta
Vice Chairperson

Ohm Gupta is currently pursuing electrical and electronics engineering from BIT Mesra and is a rising member in the MUN circuit. He believes that MUNs are an exemplary platform for debating some of the world's most pressing issues following a solution-oriented approach, with utmost diplomacy. He is someone you can always count on and is known for his reliability and dedication

   The Executive Board
                                      The Cabinet of Mikhail Gorbachev