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Veer Devgan

Chargé D'affaires

Greetings Delegates and Faculty Members,

It is to exemplary honor, special privilege and with deep pleasure that I, the Chargé d'affaires, invite you to SNAMUN 2022, the Fifth Edition of The Lawrence School, Sanawar- Model United Nations Conference, to be held from the 12th to the 14th of August, 2022.

The theme for this year ‘Accountability. Integrity. Co-existence’, manages to succinctly encapsulate the need to improve on our present world’s state of its farrago of distortions and the exemption of the new world nabobs from any form of accountability, any form of which is sidled by exemplary rodomontade and clever sophisms along with stressing on the dissent present amongst the masses due to the intrinsic difference present amongst each different group of people, with every group appropriately deserving most of the rights for which they are involved in their personal wars, to
bring reckoning for the purpose which they fight for.

The true motivator for change is and always will remain the pondering of intellectuals, the sharing of ideas, and above all, the ability to carry a good debate. Debates and discussions have decided the fate of the world over and over again, and will continue to do so in the future. It is us, the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow who will be responsible for the consummate change that will undoubtedly lead us to a brave new world from our present melancholic state of dispute. We must prevent our world from prancing to gentle thanatopsis.

SNAMUN’22 is an excellent platform for debate and discussion of precocious perspicacity, of indubitably excellent ideas which are unembellished of pretentious rodomontade and thoughts without ostentation and free of tortuous convolutions. I repeat with undeterred enthusiasm, it is with great pleasure I invite everybody to our beautiful hilltop for discussion and debate reminiscent of those in the Ancient Greek Acropolis and the Roman Parliament. I sincerely look forward to your participation in SNAMUN’22.

Warm Regards,
Veer Devgan.
Chargé d'affaires

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