All India Political Party Meet

The AIPPM is a symposium that allows the diverse political groups of India to reach a consensus on decisions of national importance. The committee aims to mimic reality by reproducing the stages of policies and jurisdiction, with delegates representing personalities from the divergent group of Indian political parties.

The committee will be deliberating upon the issue of farm laws, keeping in mind the nationwide farmer’s protest. The delegates will be representing a specific portfolio from a given political party of India. Your portfolio shall decide the course of debate for you as a delegate. Unlike other committees, AIPPM gives you the advantage of debating on all parameters, political, social and economic. 




“Re-assessing the current farmers protest and suggesting measures for amicable solutions with special emphasis on national interest and farm laws”

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Meru Madaan

Meru is an ebullient leader with a vibrant persona, Meru's presence creates an atmosphere of positivity and warmth wherever she goes. Her keen eye for detail and her fine sense of judgment results in an enthralling debate, encouraging the delegates to give it their all.

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Hrishita Sood
Deputy Moderator

Hrishita is a  passionate person with a creative mind, she is a first-year student of Computer Science. Her stint in the MUNs has been brief but her love for them is unparalleled. She holds unique perspectives about situations, yet never backs down from listening to others' opinions. Her ability to make everyone around her comfortable and feel acknowledged allows others to bring their best to the table. 

As a person who is genuinely enthusiastic about approaching MUNs from an academic point of view,  she'll assist the delegates in evolving the way that they perceive and participate in such simulations.

   The Executive Board
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